How to become a member

New members are always welcome to the Ngunguru Sports & Recreation Club. To become a member of the adjunct sports clubs you ust be a member of the Ngunguru Sports & Recreation Society (excluding juniors). Current membership is $60 per year, application forms are available at the bar, office, notice board or by clicking on the links below:

Sports Fees

Golf Club

Membership year from 1st February 2021 to 31st January 2022

  • Men 18 Hole / Women 18 Hole                  

  • Men 9 Hole/Women 9 Hole                          

  • Juniors (under 18)                                           

  • Green Fee Concession (1 Nov-31 Jan)       

  • Family Concession     

Tennis Club

Membership Fees are set at $80 adult and $35 for a child.


Subscriptions are $80 for the season or $20 sub for casual players - they can play in roll-ups and practise whenever they like, but cannot enter tournaments.

Coastal Fitness

Causal $10 per session or weekly options $12 - $15.


Ngunguru Fishing Club 

Annual membership from 1 May to 30 April

Adults $20

Kids $10








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